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What is Occamonics?

Occamonics is the application of the principal of Occam’s Razor to modern-day software design. In short, we believe that the simplest solution to a problem is usually the best. Throughout our practice we deliver on this philosophy by developing efficient solutions that eliminate complexity and which are simple and intuitive to use.

Oracle cloud applications are among the most advanced and capable in the industry and can help revolutionise your enterprise operations. We specialise in making the power of these applications easily available to the right people in your organisation at the right time.

Utilising the AI-powered Oracle Digital Assistant we can surface time-specific features such as benefits selection, performance reviews and expense-filing prompts to the people that need it, at the time that they need it.

Furthermore, even infrequent features can be easily accessed by simply asking about them in natural language. No more need to learn complex menu navigation or to rely on internal helpdesk teams to carry out those those less-common HR tasks. A true self-service solution available to all your employees, anywhere, at any time.


Ryan Patrick

Ryan Patrick


Our CEO has worked in the software industry for 25 years with a predominant focus on Artificial Intelligence, and was previously VP in the HCM Development Centre of Excellence at Oracle.

Ryan has been involved with the ODA for HCM initiative since its inception in 2018, launching the Early Adopter Program and engaging with customer implementations on a global scale throughout its first year of general availability.

Ryan left Oracle to join Occamonics in late 2020 and now leads a highly talented team of developers and designers providing specialized services to customers who are implementing the HCM Digital Assistant. Ryan is also passionate about extending beyond the delivered HCM Digital Assistant features to deliver high-value, high-impact conversational solutions to a wider range of otherwise-costly business processes.

Martin White

Martin White

conversation designER

Martin has an Engineering degree from Cambridge University. His professional roles have always spanned both technical and business matters.

Martin’s drive to produce high-quality software started when he led a project to develop a new system for oil exploration which fired dynamite from the keyboard – exhilarating, but not something you can afford to get wrong!  His technical specialism – then and ever since – has always been the User Experience.  

Martin has applied and honed his expertise in this area through working with a wide range of organizations around the globe in domains as diverse as complex modelling, analytics and information security.

Martin now uses his extensive UX experience and expertise to lead conversational design initiatives for our clients .


Ryan has been instrumental in assisting key Oracle HCM customers to deploy Oracle Digital Assistant in HCM – taking a brand new product on Conversational AI to successful implementations at several global customers.

– Joe Huang
Director of ODA Product Management at Oracle

I’ve had the privilege of partnering with Ryan as he assisted some of the largest global brands to formulate their plans, implement, pilot, and go live with major new initiatives for Digital Assistant, getting big projects smoothly to successful results with all the teams feeling positive.

– Neil Shea
Senior Director, Product Strategy at Oracle

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