What is Occamonics

Oracle cloud applications are among the most advanced and capable in the industry, and can help revolutionise your enterprise operations. However, with such vast capability, comes complexity. Without the right tools or expertise, the technology is daunting.

The solutions you’re looking for can take years to implement, while inexpert use of the products can hinder rather than help. Occamonics is the solution! Currently focussing on two primary fields, HCM Digital Assistant and Payroll Report Optimisation, Occamonics offers:

Targeted solutions

Quick implementation

Unique insight


Occamonics, founded by former Oracle VP of Software Development Ryan Patrick, offers the knowledge needed to harness Oracle’s most powerful AI technology to your project in a personalised, accessible manner.

We believe in the powerful simplicity of Occam's Razor - a concept in problem solving that suggests the best answer to a problem is the simplest viable option, with the least assumptions made. We’ll seamlessly integrate into your existing project plans without the overhead of lengthy corporate process, bringing only our targeted specialist expertise, and leaving you in control of the rest.

After a long career with Oracle, Ryan created Occamonics, bringing the vast amount of knowledge and experience he’d accumulated to use in a more direct way. That expertise is now channelled into customer projects through lightweight, targeted engagements. Since then, Occamonics has grown into a team of experienced, energetic developers, all of whom are certified Digital Assistant specialists, and have been personally mentored by Ryan.




HCM Digital Assistant

AI Conversational Interface, Digital Assistants have the capacity to optimise HR, saving time & maximising productivity.

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Payroll Optimisation

In time-critical processes such as payroll, you need absolute reliability and predictability in your report execution.

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