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HCM Digital Assistants

Oracle’s cloud applications are some of the most capable in the industry… but that kind of power can make them complex to configure and manage. The HCM Digital Assistant can help your employees bypass this complexity. When done right, it’s far more than just a chatbot: it’s an AI-powered conversational interface that can provide 24/7 access to HR services, processes, tasks and updates.

Connecting everyone in the workforce, from employees to employers, the HCM Digital Assistant is a true assistant, offering conversational action prompts, quick resources and the ability to easily complete tasks. Saving time, encouraging productivity, and making critical HR resources readily available and more accessible than ever.

But the Digital Assistant must be configured and tuned correctly in order to work effectively and efficiently for your organisation. Inexpert application can result in clunky, frustrating interactions, offering unclear, incorrect resources or responses, leaving queries unresolved, and damaging employee trust.

Cut Through Complexity

If you’re planning on implementing Digital Assistants in your organisation, Occamonics can bring forward the specific expertise you need to achieve a successful go-live.

Our founder, Ryan Patrick, was the architect of Oracle’s own Early Adopter Program for the HCM Digital Assistant, personally collaborating with every implementation of the product globally for its first 12 months of release. Ryan has a valuable knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, and best practice for ODA. That unique level of insight and experience is now exclusively available to all Occamonics clients.

Our energetic team of developers are not only all certified Digital Assistant specialists; each developer has also been personally trained and mentored by Ryan. We can help you plan a smooth, speedy path to go live with this application, and we’ll use our expertise to support your organisation every step of the way to achieve a successful outcome.

Live in Five

While this complex application can often take years to implement and perfect, our exclusive Live in Five package can get your organisation live with HCM Digital Assistant - in just five weeks or less.


Supporting Oracle Partners

For existing Oracle partners, we can create a tailored training package to support chatbot development and support your implementation projects.



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