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Oracle’s cloud applications are some of the most capable in the industry with an extremely broad range of functionality. For infrequent users this can sometimes make features difficult to find, and even for administrators the broad range of options can often make routine operations very time-consuming.

The HCM Digital Assistant can help you bypass this complexity by providing a powerful AI-driven conversational interface that delivers 24×7 access to HR services, processes, tasks and updates.

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Oracle Digital Assistant Platform

Connecting everyone in the workforce, the HCM Digital Assistant can be a true assistant to your employees, HR team and managers, offering conversational action prompts, quick access to resources and the ability to easily complete tasks. Saving time, encouraging productivity, and making critical HR resources readily available and more accessible than ever.

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Cut Through Complexity

If you’re planning on implementing Digital Assistants in your business, Occamonics can bring forward the specific expertise you need to achieve a successful go-live.

Our founder, Ryan Patrick, was the architect of Oracle’s own Early Adopter Program for the HCM Digital Assistant, personally collaborating on every implementation of the product globally for the first 12 months following its release. Ryan has a valuable knowledge of what works, what doesn’t, and how to apply best practices to acheive optimum results. That unique level of insight and experience is now exclusively available to all Occamonics clients.

Our energetic team of developers are not only all certified Digital Assistant specialists; each developer has also been personally trained and mentored by Ryan. We can help you plan a smooth, speedy path to go-live and we’ll use our expertise to support your business every step of the way.


Includes the following Accelerators:

Conversational Best Practice

Conversation Batch Tester support with user and channel simulation

Advanced Help, Welcome and Unresolved handlers

UI-Rich Answer Intents


Get Oracle Skills tuned to your specific requirements and live in as little as five weeks.

Unlimited Answer Intents

Up to three custom data-driven Intents

Full training of your team, on the job

Bespoke packages can be agreed to support larger projects based on scope.

Supporting Oracle Partners

For existing Oracle partners, we can create a tailored training package to support chatbot development and aid in your implementation projects.


Implement required workarounds and improvements before the customer even sees the product.

Your team learns through guided hands-on experience without exposing the customer

Get the basics right without any drama, then focus on the value-add

Learn Conversational Design from an experienced practitioner


Avoid common pitfalls and make your enhancements efficient and reusable. Come away with:

Successful, on-schedule implementation

Trained and experienced team

Positive customer reference

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