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Founded by Ryan Patrick, Occamonics is dedicated to living up to its name. We believe in the powerful simplicity of Occam's Razor - a concept in problem solving that suggests the best answer to a problem is the simplest viable option, with the least assumptions made. We imbue our work with dedication to that principle - creating gracefully simple solutions to even complex Oracle software problems.

Our founder has worked in the software industry for 25 years, with a predominant focus on Artificial Intelligence, and was previously VP in the HCM Development Centre of Excellence at Oracle. Ryan has ample personal experience with the complex applications at the heart of our services, and has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and experience to give him a rare, valuable insight.

Notably, Ryan worked on the initial implementation of the HCM Digital Assistant, launching its Early Adopter Program and engaging with customer implementation on a global scale throughout its first year of release. During his time at Oracle, analytics was also a focus; specifically, improving the performance of time-sensitive, business-critical reports, including those for payroll.

After leaving Oracle, Ryan offered private consulting services on HCM Digital Assistant and Payroll Report Optimisation, building the foundation for what would become Occamonics. That freelance work has developed into an agile and still growing organisation, featuring not only Ryan, but a team of talented, experienced developers, to offer an expanding capacity for work.

Bringing his wealth of professional experience to the table, each of our developers has been personally mentored and trained by Ryan on the HCM Digital Assistant, and are all certified Digital Assistant specialists.






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